1 thought on “RIOXX as an effective mechanism for the efficient exposure and aggregation of repository content

  1. Uni of Gloucestershire has used RIOXX as it is part f our hosted Eprints repository.
    My experience with assigning funder data has been less than ideal. I have used ISNI and crossref as sources of funder ids. I often struggle to find a match or to hit on the right version of the name. Also it seems that Eprints compiles its own list of funders and any not on this list result in an error message and have to be added to Eprints own list by raising a job. I’d like to feel more confident that we are not using different funder PIDs for the same organisation and the key to that seems to me to be a more vigorously constructed and maintained data source, perhaps ROR? As well as if not instead of ISNI and Crossref.
    I recently looked at ways of generating reports that surface relationships based on embedded metadata author id, funder id, geographical location, etc as in Fairs Fair there is also a report on the value of PIDS https://zenodo.org/record/4772627#.YNGN8mhKg2y

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