Benefits of Membership

UKCORR is the largest independent body for repository managers, administrators and staff in the UK.  There are a great many benefits to being a member, including:achievement-3385068_1920 (1)

  • Able to share ideas and experiences on a whole host of repository, open access, scholarly communication issues within a non-judgmental environment
  • Access to our mailing list, the de factor resource for all things repository related
  • You become part of a collective and independent voice to present your interests to publishers, funding councils, institutions and other relevant bodies
  • Attendance to the UKCORR members day, providing presentations on topical and emerging issues and invaluable opportunities to network
  • Part of a strong community which defends and develops the work of repositories and provide evidence based support to stakeholders
  • Linking you to local groups and also peers across the community to enhance your knowledge of widening themes across the sector
  • Promotes repository, open access and scholarly communication roles as a recognised and respected profession

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