ORCC – Open Research Competencies Coalition

The open research support and scholarly communications sectors are key growth areas within universities. They support open research practices, open access, repository management, publishing advice, bibliometrics and research data management. However, in the rapid evolution of this sector a skills gap has developed. There are difficulties with identifying and describing the skills needed and in recognising their interconnectedness. This lack of role profiles presents challenges in the recruitment and development of open research support staff. Competencies are usually gained on-the-job, and through self-development. There is a high turnover of trained employees between research support teams and out of the sector.

In addressing the skills gap, ORCC aims to identify and map the skills and competencies needed by the current and future open research support workforce. Professionalising these roles across the sector will achieve the very highest quality of support for researchers. ORCC engages heavily with the library and research management communities through active outreach at community workshops and conferences.

ORCC was founded in 2017 and was previously known as SC3. Its new name (as of July 2021) is Open Research Competencies Coalition (ORCC).

Resources about the experience of working in scholarly communications

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ORCC members

Dr Nancy Pontika – CORE/Contact for ORCC Nancy.Pontika@open.ac.uk

Helen Berry – CILIP

Helen Clare – Jisc

Dr Andrew Cox – University of Sheffield Information School

Joy Davidson – Digital Curation Centre

Dr Christina Kamposiori – RLUK

Dr Danny Kingsley – Visiting Fellow for Australian National University

Valerie McCutcheon – University of Glasgow/ ARMA

Elizabeth Newbold – UKSG/ STFC UKRI

Ann Rossiter – SCONUL

Clare Sewell – Cambridge University Library

Alison Sutton – University of Reading Library/ UKCORR

Dr Katie Wheat – Vitae

To find out more about many of the organisations from which our ORCC membership is drawn, please see the partnerships page on the UKCORR website.

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