The Knowledgebase is where the UKCORR community can share key resources to assist both in their every day work and also to learn about new developments in the sector.  All members of UKCORR can access the resources through Google Docs and are free to add content to the Knowledgebase to share across our community.

Day to Day Guidance

OA policies on Conference permissions

This details publisher policies on making conference papers open access. Free to edit

OA policies on books and chapters

Essential viewing on publishers’ open access policies on monographs and chapters, also includes a section on journal articles.  If you want to add to this you need to sign into the document and make a request.

OA policies on theses

This is very informative on permissions and policies of publishers in terms of making PhD theses open access. If you want to add to this you need to sign into the document and make a request.

Elsevier Embargo changes

This details a list of journal titles published by Elsevier and recent changes to their embargo periods.  This sheet needs to be updated. Free to edit

Publisher Accepted Manuscript statements

This list a number of key journal titles and details how publishers have defined the term, accepted manuscript. Free to edit

Publisher Problems

A spreadsheet recording reoccurring issues members have had with publishers.  The issues are raised with publishers and resolutions are shared amongst the community.



Current Awareness

Repository / CRIS software

This is a very useful sheet showing which institutions are running which type of repository and / or CRIS. Free to edit

Tracking OA community issues

This is an ambitous initiative to record issues raised by the community at various events and to detail any response or resolution.  Needs to be updated.

Compliance and Reporting

UKRI Block grant rules

How are insitutions using their block grants, are they imposing additional manadates such as no spend on hybrid journals or paying full APCs. Free to edit

REF OA policy questions

A list of questions collated by UKCORR in response to the revised guidance for REF requirements (dated 2018).

RCUK OA compliance reporting

This is quite a comprehensive year by year list of institutions and their compliancy using the RCUK block grant


UKCORR Committee

This lists the activity (both current and historical of the UKCORR committee


Past Events


Past Surveys


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