Our Partnerships

UKCORR is proud to work with a range of organisations including:

ARMA – Association of Research Managers and Administrators

ARMA (UK) is the professional association for research management in the UK. They represent research leaders, managers and administrators, offering professional development and opportunities to build networks, knowledge and skills

Contact: enquiries@arma.ac.uk

The British Library

As the national library of the United Kingdom, the British Library is an integral part of the national research infrastructure. It is committed to serving both researchers today, and future generations, by collecting, preserving and providing access to scholarly content, including the growing corpus of open access research outputs. The British Library has been a longstanding member of the repository community through its established service, EThOS, which maximises the visibility and availability of the UK’s doctoral theses, and is now expanding its work in the area through the development of a shared open access repository service. The British Library also works with UK research organisations to ensure their data is findable and citable through its DataCite services.



CILIP – Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals

CILIP is the only independent voice for the UK’s information profession. They are guided by our Royal Charter to develop and improve library and information services, and by being a charity to act in the public good.

Contact: Helen Berry (helen.berry@cilip.org.uk)


Jisc is a membership organisation, providing digital solutions for UK education and research. We are working towards global open access, in partnership with the UK’s academic community and its representative bodies, in order to realise the rewards of open access. Our membership overlaps considerably with that of UKCoRR and we work in partnership on many areas including technical developments and exchange of good practice.


Contact: Helen Clare (Helen.Clare@jisc.ac.uk)

ORCC – Open Research Competencies Coalition

ORCC was founded in 2017 and was previously known as SC3. ORCC aims to identify and map the skills and competencies needed by the current and future open research support workforce. Professionalising these roles across the sector will achieve the very highest quality of support for researchers. ORCC engages heavily with the library and research management communities through active outreach at community workshops and conferences.

For contacts and to find out more about our work, visit  the main ORCC page.

Contact: Dr Nancy Pontika  Nancy.Pontika@open.ac.uk

RLUK – Research Libraries UK

RLUK is a member organisation with 37 member institutions representing the leading research libraries in the UK and Ireland. Their strategy ‘Reshaping Scholarship’ (2018-2021) focuses on two key strands – Open Scholarship and A Collective Approach – and reflects the commitment of our libraries to transformations in research, innovation in collections, and cultural change in our institutions. Through working with our members, external institutions and our partners in the community, both nationally and internationally, we aim to optimise the contribution that research libraries and collections make to the economic, technological and cultural success of the UK and Ireland. Major part of our current work focuses on supporting members to move towards a more open scholarly communications landscape, facilitate innovation in digital scholarship and respond to the challenges associated with the digital shift in research library collections.

For more information on our strategic activities, please visit www.rluk.ac.uk.

Contact: Dr David Prosser (david.prosser@rluk.ac.uk)


The Society of College, National and University Libraries (SCONUL) promotes awareness of the role of academic libraries in supporting research excellence and student achievement and employability, and represents their views and interests to government, regulators and other stakeholders

Contact: Ann Rossiter (ann.rossiter@sconul.ac.uk)


Vitae is the global leader in supporting the professional development of researchers, experienced in working with institutions as they strive for research excellence, innovation and impact.

Contact: Katie Wheat (Katie.Wheat@vitae.ac.uk)


There are a number of locally organised groups around the UK that can help facilitate your open access mission.

Please get in touch if you know of any more, would like support setting one up or have any other ideas to foster collaboration across our growing community.

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