Future events

IDCC Conference
The International Digital Curation Conference is a key event for those involved in Research Data Management. This year it is being held in Dublin on the 17th-20th February. Some of the key themes for this year are Social, political and cultural implications of digital curation, data stewardship and Preservation planning. See

Researcher to Reader 2020 event
This is a collaborative gathering which aims to be the premier forum for discussion of the international scholarly content supply chain. The event is being held at BMA house in London on the 24th-25th February. For more info and registration, visit the r2r webpages

Open Science Days 2020, March 02/03, Berlin
The event, organised by the Max Planck Digital Library (MPDL), will focus on the relationship between Open Science and good scientific practice. The event will draw on the significance of Open Science and it’s affect on day to day research within various disciplines. Or: how it should be affected? This is a 1 1/2 day event on the 2nd and 3rd of March at the Harnack House in Berlin, more information and how to register

Open Access, Open Monographs, Open Data, Open Peer Review: Overview of a Disruptive Technology
This is a one day workshop run by UKeiG at CILIPS headquarters on the 6th March. It will cover all things open, examining the growth of openness on research over the last few years. It also brings in the concept of disruptive technology and how this is being used to make research more open. You can find out more and book online

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