UKCoRR seeks to conduct various activities in support of our Vision, Charter and above all membership needs.  As an organisation these activities are tasked and led by the UKCoRR Committee on behalf and in partnership with the membership.  The membership is surveyed annually so as to ensure the consultative, progressive and responsive nature of the organisation continues.  Agendas and minutes of Committee meetings as well as responses to consultations and enquiries are made publicly visible to allow for community oversight and organisational transparency

The following are areas of particular activity.  For more information please contact the Chair or other Committee members.

Collective Professional Voice and Advocacy

  • To be a collective and independent voice that speaks solely on behalf of its membership to publishers, funding councils, institutions and other relevant bodies.
  • To defend the work of repository establishment and development and for the members to be on the lookout for supporting evidence, statistics etc.
  • To blog and issue position statements in response to developments in the sector as well as to highlight areas of particular interest to the membership
  • To engage in proactive advocacy and awareness raising of UKCoRR as an organisation and repository workers as a profession

Representation of Repository Community

  • To accept appropriate positions on projects, working groups or committees as representatives of the UKCoRR membership community.
  • Currently the Committee represents the Community on the following groups:

Facilitate Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

  • To liaise with the members and information/service providers for provision of self-financing CPD activities.
  • To facilitate members only meetings and events and to enable free and frank exchange of experience in a supporting, empathetic and positive atmosphere.
  • To continue to support the development of work such as the SHERPA Repository Staff and Skills Set document.
  • To highlight other key websites which relate to repository management such as SHERPARSP and UK Repository Net +.


  • To enable communication between peers and from members to external groups and public.
  • To facilitate membership networking and peer-2-peer support through the members only eMail list and events meetings.
  • To support this site as a portal, drawing together professional resources for members.
  • To ensure the membership are encouraged to share any and all experience, outputs, activities, licences, templates in a non-judgemental environment.

Granular Levels of Support

  • To provide support for formation of ad hoc groups working on specific projects or in specific areas through website, communications, meetings.
  • To empower the membership to meet as UKCoRR members and representatives at a local level.

Supporting the Membership

  • To conduct and publish the results of annual surveys to obtain guidance from the membership on the future direction and progress of the UKCoRR organisation.
  • To conduct and publish ad hoc research into membership knowledge, experience and insight.
  • To facilitate, where appropriate, complementary research into repository workers’ disposition, opinions or activities by third parties.
  • To be open to membership suggestions for progress and discussion on areas of emerging or priority concern.

Membership Survey Results

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