Highlights from the list

As usual there were a wide range of posts on the mailing list in April ranging from job vacancies, requests to complete surveys to questions on interpretation of policies and development of processes.

Some highlights from the discussion included:

  • advice for authors on the new Wellcome Trust Open Access Policy and some institutions are providing targeted guidance and interim advice to the their authors
  • CC licenses for theses  most institutions are applying a CC BY-NC-ND or a CC BY-NC license with some giving the option of postgraduate research students being able to choose a more restrictive license. Some institutions are asking legal teams to verify this process. Another development with theses is the addition of DOIs by institutions to theses.

There was also the usual REF policy discussion with questions on checking open access compliance in other institutional repositories – a suggested development to help with this and reduce individual workloads was institutions exposing exceptions in the repository. There was also a discussion around defining the version of record.

All of the discussion from April can be found on the UKORR mailing list archive.

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