UKCoRR, RSP and DRF – Japan and the UK in Agreement

As you’ll have probably seen last week on the lists UKCoRR, in collaboration with the RSP and Japan’s DRF (Digital Repository Federation) have signed a memorandum of understanding.


The Memorandum includes a commitment to

  • Sharing experience and expertise
  • Inviting and possibly sponsoring representatives from partners to participate in RSP and DRF events
  • Joint efforts to seek funding and/or support

Obviously from UKCoRR’s perspective (and being unfunded as we are) we’re mostly about the first option in the agreement; but all the same it’s the first time we’ve signed up to an international agreement and is something that all members can be proud of – the furtherance of recognition of the importance of the repository worker and manager around the world. 


You can read more about this, and view the memorandum on the RSP’s pages.

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